How Much Does a Construction Project Manager Earn?

Soon, you’ll be hiring construction project managers to ensure that your engineers, architects and other employees are well-coordinated with the tasks they need to finish along a set timeline. However, these individuals aren’t really easy on the budget.

It’s understandable though. Construction managers must have an Associate’s Degree and more than 5 years experience in the construction industry. His or her experience and knowledge is as valuable as a hundred thousand dollars.

So, do you think you could provide for a very precise and adept construction project manager? This infographic may help shed some well-needed light.



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The Legalities To Address Before You Start Your Construction Business

We can assume that plenty of our readers are veteran proprietors of their construction business. However, many guest readers here could read about construction trends, but never really understand where to begin their journey to create their own construction business. Here’s how to begin.

1. Register Your Business

The government will want to tax your profits as soon as your business gains speed. Before you begin your business strategy, make sure that you have all the licenses and permits needed to operate and maintain construction and contractual procedures.

The licenses and permits you need depends on the niche of construction you wish your company to be part of. Be sure to consult your local government websites about this information. Proprietors may also ask other companies about the things they would need.

2. Bonds and Stocks

Now, you understand that you are just signing up your business along the small and medium enterprises arena. However, you might need to create a surety bond for your company. Now it might seem trivial, but some governments require that you have surety bonds before you could operate.

Bond regulators allow a third party to repay your client if you fail to meet your work obligations under a contract. Bond regulators also vary by country and by specialization, so choose a bond regulator that could secure a surety bond for you through a commercial channel.

3. Insurance Policies

Before you could even hire and employ your employees, make sure that you have your employee insurance in place. Construction work involves moving heavy machinery, extensive manual labor and a possible risk of slip, trip and fall at every turn.

Construction companies must also provide vehicle and property insurance for their clients. Liability insurance helps protect you from claims of personal injury and possible property damages. Businesses could also cover costs of legal proceedings through these insurance policies.

4. Regulations

Every country follows energy efficiency, noise limit, workplace safety and warning regulations. All construction companies are expected to keep maximum safety a priority in the workplace. Safety harnesses, debris nets, foundations and approved methods by the state or country regulations are the only key to successfully help boost your construction company’s reputation in the niche and build client trust.

5. Safety Procedures

In case of any accident involving employees, clients or other third parties that encounter any danger in the areas of responsibility, contractors and companies are to have a pre-approved medical treatment, evacuation and care plan. Around 50% of this is covered by most employees’ insurance plans. Meanwhile, liability insurance will be provided to clients or other third parties such as pedestrians or vehicles involved in the incident, as well as legal proceedings.

The process may include having a free vehicle to take the injured to the hospitals within an hour or a set time limit. Regulators may also require an in-house doctor or medical camp nearby for any possible incidents.

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What Should You Include In Your Terms and Conditions [Landscapers Edition]?

We can say that a lot of people are getting more encouraged to have their own businesses themselves. That is the very reason why our economy never grew apart. However, we should keep in mind that starting a business doesn’t always mean we are leading to a brighter future ahead. We can only do so if we stay on track with our plans.

There are a lot of garden landscapers East London that are getting more successful with this kind of business nowadays and if you want to succeed with this as well, include these terms and conditions for you to have a smooth and less-worry transaction with your future customers:

1. Customers are responsible on acquiring the mandatory permits that is required for you to work on a specific location – public place or on their own yard. There are some subdivisions who doesn’t simply allow changes on their neighbourhood unless the homeowners provide the necessary requirements. Having the permits would could help you work without opposing any law.

2. The company and the customers should both follow the invoice provided for the landscaping services. The Invoices that you have should be very detailed, for example, the number of days of work on your customer’s lawn and/or the maintenance. Make sure that your Invoices are signed in both parties to promote trust and legality between the two.

3. As mentioned, the signed Invoice are supposed to be very detailed since that would be your basis on what to do and follow throughout the duration of landscaping. In addition, you will not be obliged to execute additional work that’s assigned to you by your customer unless it is agreed in writing between the both of you.

4. The customers are obliged to pay you whatever you have agreed on the Invoice. Make sure to include to list the taxes and necessary fees that shall not be forgotten.  The payment policy will always be up to you and your company’s rules and regulations. You can do as follows: (1) if the customer is billed on a monthly basis, their payment is always due within 30 days – based on the receipt of their payment for the previous month. (2) If they are bound to have a 50% down payment upon signing the Invoice, they can complete the balance due upon the completion of your work. It’s actually all up to you, just make sure that your payment terms are all stated on the Invoice.

5. As a contractor, you can use any methods and efforts for you to finish the project on time that was specified on the Invoice. You are not obligated to have any delays in the completion of work.

6. You shall not be liable to perform the maintenance work unless it was stated and agreed in writing with the customer.

7. Whether it is special, incidental, or consequential, damages are no longer one of your responsibilities especially if the whole duration of work as you have agreed with the customer is already over.

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Advice On Using Portable Toilets On Construction Sites

When working, it is a given that employees be provided with conditions that are good and beneficial for them. In this way, production and labor activity will be performed with as much effort and energy. This then, of course, results to an outcome that is of high quality standards.

Now, one of the many facilities that must be catered to those on building sites are portable toilets. It is natural for healthy men to eat and drink a lot, more so that they have a job that needs much of their bodily strength and stamina. And with great and large appetites, they would definitely need a place to relieve themselves as nature calls at the most unexpected times.

This is then where these mobile enclosures come into the picture. It is actually illegal for business owners and contractors to not prepare toilets for their workers. Again, when talking of good working conditions, a portable loo is certainly one of them.

And so, if you are to use these mobile toilets, you need to find construction loo hire Cambridge because they offer clean and sanitary units. Hygiene is no doubt an essential factor when utilising the restroom, since dirt and germs can endanger health. In addition, the number of people who are to use the loos must be counted. This will then determine how many portables you are to get or how big and how wide should they be. There are one man units while there are trailer sized ones that can accommodate more. It is vital to identify this because at times, more than one person will want to use the toilet.

Take into account the placement of these too. They aim for convenience and so, it is necessary to place them where everyone can readily access them when the urge arises. A toilet chamber must also be set up somewhere that is with a stable and flat surface. This is to ensure effective operation. Situating it otherwise can make it unsteady and the person inside will surely be in discomfort, which should not happen at all.

The point here is that workers should be supplied with not just any portaloo; they deserve topnotch ones where they will be able to practice and continue proper bowel movement even when they are not at home. Simply, health is wealth for them for it is what they invest to earn money for their self and for their family.

Furthermore, there will be no time wasted with finding a toilet when they already have it within near distance. With this, the work will not be disrupted as much. As they finish their business, they can go back to work directly. In the end, a structure will then get to be completed faster and better too.

Health is really important and to protect employees from sickness and suffering is essential for any business. Therefore, portable toilets for construction sites are indispensable. Take the time to examine their quality before renting; see if they are clean and sturdy for the benefit of everyone’s wellbeing.

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More Construction Jobs Seen as Legal & General Property Invests in London


Legal & General Property has actually come to be the very first institutional financier to disclose it will certainly be spending in the Greater London Authority’s recommended brand-new multi-billion-pound housing areas.

The company’s handling director Bill Hughes told it would look to invest in London’s “finest” zones, which could possibly give billions in help specialists. He added: “We’ve possessed a dedication to the industry, we’ve obtained some knowledge, we have a considerable quantity of capital– all those situations we’ll be assessing.”However he stated the company would not planning to invest in “every single housing area”, but would certainly pick “the best, one of the most deliverable and the ones likely to supply success”.The GLA launched its real estate zones prospectus this year, inviting London boroughs to bid for a share of £400m of moneying to improve housebuilding on brownfield websites in their areas.

It could suggest your plan coming through potentially complicated waves as elections turn up and the politics start to alter in several local areas. Twenty London real estate zones are expected to be developed in total, with districts as a result of submit proposals for financing by the end of September. Ealing, Enfield and Harringey boroughs are among the frontrunners to safeguard the financing, which is being offered by the GLA as well as main federal government.The campaign has been identified as an added course into the property market for institutional financiers, offering large residential chances for companies to buy, as the UK continuously suffer from lack of supply in areas such as cost effective housing.

 Government numbers recently showed real estate beginnings were up 22% year on year to 137,780 in the 12 months to June 2014, however still a long method short of the approximated 200,000-plus needed yearly to tackle the housing dilemma.Prudential subsidiary M&G Real Estates told Construction News the GLA’s real estate zones were something it was “monitoring with interest”.

London First director of real estate policy Jonathan Seager claimed political assistance for housing zones would aid draw in investors and also designers. Neighborhood authority as well as GLA support for the initiative would assist provide continuity for the economic sector in advance of the basic election. Housebuilders can not possess onto sites fast enough … if you could accelerate that preparation system then you will see increases in supply”.

“That is necessary for a developer … it could possibly imply your system cycling out potentially complicated waves as elections come up as well as the national politics start to alter in numerous areas.” The federal government, which has actually set up a £200m fund for real estate areas outside London, really hopes the initiative will certainly entice the interest of the private sector, interacting with regional authorities to give all kinds of housing. On the requirements had to attract housebuilders and also institutional investors to develop additional residences in the UK, Legal & General Property’s Mr Hughes claimed the two industries took a “various approach”.

He said he was positive lasting capital from institutional financiers would certainly stream into the residential sector, including that “half method via 2014, it’s still quite early days”.

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Opportunities for Women in Construction


Last March,  the Smith Principle’s paper “building the future: females in building” was launched in which detailed the challenges dealt with by ladies in the building market. This was a detailed as well as considered evaluation of just how females are underrepresented in among the UK’s biggest sectors in spite of the varieties of women completely time work. This was, in loads of aspects, a shock as we have actually viewed the increase in female grads and trainees and yet we still encounter the trouble that females are not making their way along the job ladder in building.

For our generation it was wished that the talk of glass ceilings was a thing of the past given that in our particular careers: law as well as architecture, we have viewed substantial numbers of women experts working on high profile tasks both in the UK and overseas. As you would expect, this study conducted by the Smith Institute has prompted issue from numerous commentators as if we are to maximize upturn in the economy as well as address skills lacks we have to tackle this head on.

The paper proposes that official employment processes are leading to an extremely qualified and also unique graduate and trainee labor force but someplace between that and also the board rooms ladies are still being filtered out. To claim this is considering that promotions are settled on the fairway or that ladies are main carers for youngsters could not be the only responses as well as this paper attempts to drill down into the information of what this might be.Nevertheless, what could not be refuted is that women have to maximize the support groups that exist for them as well as must attempt to encourage others to take an energetic role in creating youthful specialists to make sure that their complete possibility is gotten to.


Exactly what we have actually observed is that assimilation into stereotypical guy jobs or behaviors is not really an advantage to either gender as well as we should look to keeping an equilibrium in between work performance as well as outside networking as well as profile-raising. For instance, focusing business and also profession development on weekend sporting activities occasions, long lunches, late night beverages parties and also black tie events is going to be prohibitive to those that hold much more junior positions or responsibilities outside of the workplace.

That has actually prompted us to preserve an array of tasks from breakfasts to seminars, webinars, interviews with different construction specialists, debates and informal networking so that there are a large range of possibilities for females to become involved.

As far as the National Organization of Women in Building is worried, there are women operating in a broad spectrum of construction roles in the UK as well as internationally and also many who now hold senior positions. What this means for us is that there is a big resource of women skill that need to be made use of to supply mentorship, careers advice and also to develop the profile of females in construction.

Just what we have now is not a crisis however a great possibility that we have to take up for the benefit of our sector.

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